North Carolina dad’s milk run leads to $200,000 lottery prize

A North Carolina dad said his kids finishing off the last of the milk in the house led to his winning a $200,000 lottery jackpot.

Alexandro Acevedo of Monroe told North Carolina Education Lottery officials he was taking care of his three daughters Saturday when they ran out of milk.

Acevedo said he made an emergency milk run to the Food Lion store in Monroe, and while checking out, he added a $10 Bigger Spin scratch-off ticket to his purchase.

The father said he scratched the ticket off in the parking lot and was shocked to reveal the $200,000 jackpot.

“It doesn’t feel real,” Acevedo said. “I’m not too big on screaming. I’m usually a calm individual. But inside I’m going nuts!”

The father said his plans for the prize money include making some upgrades to his house, paying bills and taking his daughters to Walt Disney World.

“This is big news — like having another baby,” he said.