Here Are Some Home Remedies for Appendix Pain

The appendix is a 3.5-inch-long tube found in the intestine, and it is in the lower region of the stomach. It is believed that the appendix does not have any work in the body and is a waste part. Even though it does not have any work, the appendix can cause serious harm to the body in many situations. In some situations, surgery is needed.

When there is an infection in the appendix, it causes burning sensations as it gets swollen which leads to a lot of pain in the stomach. This disease is called appendicitis and is a chronic condition. In some conditions, the patient does not come to know at first and the appendix blasts, which requires immediate surgery. To avoid this problem some food items can be included in the diet.

Fenugreek is naturally good for the appendix. It stops the formation of mucus around the appendix thereby avoiding infection. It also relieves pain. Boil two spoons of fenugreek seeds in one litre of water for half an hour. Then sieve the seeds from the water and drink this water twice. It will cure the appendix.

Massage almond oil on the appendix as that reduces swelling. Put something warm on your stomach. Now soak a soft towel in almond oil and massage your stomach with it. Do this until you feel better.

Drink juices of carrot, cucumber and beetroot. It helps reduce appendix pain. Drinking these juices twice a day helps. Juice can also be made by mixing radish, coriander and spinach.

Mint is also good for the appendix. It cures vomiting, gas issues and ingestion. You can mix it in tea or water and drink it twice.

Symptoms of appendix include vomiting, spinning head, constant and strong pain, constipation, the problem of gas, and diarrhoea can also happen.