Discord will now let you set a unique avatar in each of the servers where you hang out

Messaging app Discord announced today that its premium Nitro tier will now allow subscribers to use a different avatar on each of their servers. The option to “change nickname” in the app has been changed to “edit server profile.” That’s where you’ll be able to change both your nickname and server avatar, so if you use multiple servers — as a lot of Discord users do — you can keep each identity separate and unique.

Discord also announced today that they’re starting the rollout of scheduled events, which allow users to plan ahead, giving time to spread awareness and join. The company says it’s seeing more communities use stage channels to connect with members, in AMAs, open mic events, or other large-scale discussions.

With scheduled events in Discord, users can create an event with a topic name for a future date, allow members to RSVP — which will then send them a notification when the event starts — and create an invite link for a specific event. Members will also be able to browse a list of future events on a server. The scheduled events feature will be available on desktop, iOS, and Android, and there are no time restrictions on how far ahead of time moderators and admins can schedule events, but there will be a limit of 100 total events at a time.